Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tax Tip: Connecticut releases brochure for seniors

The state Department of Revenue Services (DRS) today announced its release of Informational Publication 2010(26) "Connectict Tax Tips for Seniors," which gives pointers on filing state income taxes, as well as sales and use tax exemptions.

 “Most seniors don’t look forward to paying taxes, so the least we can do is give them the information they need. Taxpayers want to do the right thing and having access to plain language information is important. Knowing more is also the way senior citizens can be sure to get the full advantage of available tax relief and pay no more than their fair share,” DRS Commissioner Kevin B. Sullivan said.

Connecticut Tax Tips for Seniors provides information on the state income tax — including no state income tax on Social Security benefits for single filers with an adjusted gross income less than $50,000 or joint filers at less than $60,000, and available credit for property taxes paid locally.

Other information covers taxes on sales and use, estates, gifts, property, and real estate conveyances.

DRS this year is encouraging electronic filing and did not mass mail income tax information packets, Sullivan said, adding that printed material still will be available at libraries and post office branches. "DRS will also send out the materials to anyone who calls us. But this kind of publicity, our tax tips guide for seniors and a special effort to get the word out through local senior centers are among the ways we want to be sure no taxpayer gets lost in the shuffle,” he said.

To obtain a copy of  "Connecticut Tax Tips for Seniors," or find other revenue information, visit www.ct.gov/DRS.

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